Month: November 2016

Top 10 Things I Look Forward Now That I’m Done Nursing

There are so many things I will miss now that Poppy is done nursing.  The little sounds, the content breathing, the tiny hands and feet resting against you.  But since Poppy weaned herself a few weeks ago, I can’t bring myself to focus on everything I will miss.  Instead, I will write about everything I look forward to, now that I am heading into this next mama phase.  

So here are my top 10 things I look forward to now that I’m not nursing.  

  1. Wearing overalls.  Seriously, I bought the cutest overalls last year and I never get to wear them.  When I bought them I thought they would be so easy to nurse in, just unclip, toss over my shoulder, lift up my shirt.  But I was so wrong.  It was always a jumble of thick heavy cloth getting tied up under my nursing cover, and an all out battle trying to put everything back together when she was done.madewell overalls 
  2. A quicker bedtime.  Let’s face it, at the end of the day we’re all exhausted.  And although I loved my 30-45 minutes of quiet nursing time with Poppy before bed, it will be nice to put her to bed faster and have more time with the big kids before they go to sleep. bedtime stories 
  3. No more nursing bras.  Hurray!  No more clips, snaps, or hooks.  Just pretty little bras that don’t look lumpy under clothes and don’t require assembly before wearing.  free people bra
  4. No more pumping.  Ever.  Look, it’s really lovely to breastfeed if it comes easily to you and your baby.  But no one, NO ONE likes pumping.  The sound, the pulling, the cleaning, the sanitizing.  Peace out!
  5. Not being tied to a feeding schedule.  Now when we are out and about during the day, I don’t need to worry about finding a quiet spot to nurse her,  or ducking out to the hot car so she’s not too distracted, or running behind because she’s taking her sweet time.  Now I can just mix up a quick cup of milk and we can be on our way.  
  6. My boobs not being on display.  I loved my nursing cover, it was great and so helpful.  But let’s be honest, 12 months into nursing your third baby, I really wasn’t concerned with flashing a few people here and there.  It will be nice to have them under wraps again.  
  7. Not feeling hungry and thirsty all day long.  I could eat a massive box full of food from In and Out, top with off with a milkshake, and be ready to order a large pizza an hour later.  I was withering away and starving all day long.  I’m looking forward to gaining a few pounds for myself and just eating for one.  
  8. Someone else being able to soothe her when she’s upset.  I am no longer her one and only, her be all end all.  So many people love her and are ready to scoop her up but there was always this epic cure all that nothing else could compete with.  Now, consoling from her loving Daddy, or Mimi, or Auntie will be appreciated in a new way.  
  9. Getting serious about my skin care.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of using organic products and it’s always a good idea to pay attention to what goes on and in your body.  However, my face just looks tired and at this point might need a little chemical help.
  10. Watching our baby move into a new stage of independence.  Poppy is becoming more talkative and expressive every day.  And seeing her personality shine in a new way fills my heart with so much joy.  No longer will she rely on me for everything, now she has her big brother and sister to watch and learn from, and the rest of the world to inspire her.  Now we move past the stage of sweet little moments of eye contact and into a stage of handholding, conscious hugs and kisses, and real words that can say I love you. natural light