I’ve never really made New Year’s resolutions before.  They always just seem like more to add to my ever growing and impossible to accomplish to-do list.  But this year there are a few things I would like to focus on that might make our family’s life more enjoyable.  And I feel like if I write them here, with all of you as my witnesses, I will have to honor them!

  1. BE ON TIME  I am perpetually late.  Which means my kids are perpetually late, and that’s not fair.  It’s not fair that every time we leave the house I am shouting at them and rushing them.  I am going to try to leave more time to put on shoes, pack up bags, and walk peacefully and calmly out the door.  And if you’ve ever seen Adam (who always moves as if he’s moving through peanut butter) get ready you know I’m going to have to leave A LOT of extra time.
  2. BLOG MORE This space was intended to be a place for me to share stories about our life and give helpful tips and observations along the way.  I am certainly not claiming to be any sort of expert, and I have learned enough not to judge other parents’ decisions.  We are all doing the best we can.  But I have discovered some things along the way that have made my life easier and I hope to share more this year.
  3. CONSUME LESS Alex was excited about this one.  Even though I made sure to point out that it’s not necessarily intended to spend less, although I am hoping that’s a happy side effect.  I truly want to bring less STUFF into our home.  Toys, clothes, decorations, nick nacks, all of it.  I understand the value of having a variety of thought provoking toys.  We have every drawer in our living room filled with legos, crafts, puzzles, games, paints, markers, drawings and papers, which I will happily add to.  But other than that we just have too much stuff.  It’s everywhere.  And I can’t keep up.  The laundry, the toy closets, the kitchen cabinets.  We are filled to the brim.  It’s time to try a more streamlined way of life.  And I know, that means less shopping.  But I’m giving it a go.
  4. MORE KISSES This was Alex’s contribution to the list.  And I’m happy to oblige <3

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