First Annual Gingerbread House Party

“First Annual.”  Such a nice ring to it with such good intentions.  But this is really one I’m hoping to recreate each year.  With a table full of treats to decorate with (and snack on) the kiddos were in gingerbread heaven.

I decided to build the houses the night before since all of the kids are still pretty young.  Thanks to Target, I had a quick and easy kit that came with 4 kid-sized Gingerbread houses, all with different details to make each one unique.  I also bought extra frosting (in a jar from the grocery store, no judgements) and lots of extra decorating goodies.

We ordered some pizzas for the kids while the moms enjoyed a cheese plate and wine.  Then the kids did a book only gift exchange and everyone left saying “Happy Christmas friends!”  It was pretty perfect.

Ingredients for a cute Gingerbread House Party:

This incredibly easy Gingerbread Village kit (includes 4 houses, I bought 3 boxes)

Extra frosting, I used 3 store bought jars.

Fun decorations.  The kit comes with sprinkles, spice drops, and candy balls.  I bought extra plus holiday m&ms, marshmallows, skittles, candy canes, and candy lights.

Adorable friends.

gingerbrad house party


gingerbred house party





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