Thoughts From Our First Days As A Family of 5

Things I’m grateful for: a beautiful, healthy, snuggly warm baby girl.
Adam and his sweet, caring, nurturing love for his new baby sister, and his mama. Today he randomly turned to ask me, how are you feeling mama?
Lake’s singing. Last night Lake was having a hard time going to sleep with everyone else in the house still awake. So I laid in bed with her and we sang every song she knows. Twice. Her little voice touches my heart in such a way. After a few days of relying on Alex whenever she needed anything, it was really nice when she asked me to lay down and sing with her.
Adam and Lake’s team. They have grown so close, and you can see them appreciating their friendship during this time of crazy transition. They were off to school together this week and I couldn’t help but tear up with pride over this incredible bond they have formed. They truly do have each other’s backs and love each other as only siblings can.
My team. I am so hyper aware of Adam and Lake’s feeling right now. I might have even bought them a box of Count Chocula at the store today to bring home as a surprise. And of course there is also a hungry newborn to take care of. But I’m feeling ok with it all right now, like I might actually be able to handle this. Because of my team. My parents who are staying with us, making my favorite meals, bringing me coffee in bed in the morning, loving up my kids. My friends who are bring me my favorite snacks and sending love and support all day through texts, calls and emails. I feel it all. And it’s giving me the strength to be able to give everything I have to my 3 little ones.
My husband. And his thoughtful gifts, his baby rocking in the middle of the night, his patience with the toddlers and his overflowing love for our tiny Poppy. His support for all 4 of us is unwavering.


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  4. Heaven says:

    bzdury piszesz.Weź spis Twojej rodziny. Zastanów się ile oni przejdą. I Twoja kondycja na nic sie nie zda jeśli będziesz miał babcię i chore dziecko do estkoorwania.

  5. Jeg hadde seriøst dødd der borte!!! Hadde handlet meg ihjæl☺ Suuuupermye fint du har handlet!Ønsker deg en fin start pÃ¥ uken som ligger forann! NÃ¥ synes jeg go' været skal komme til østfold! Klem fra Livy

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