Babymoon – Why You Should Absolutely Take One and What You Should Pack

“Babymoon.”  Even the word can sound silly.  And if you mention the concept to anyone from an older generation you will most likely be met with a smirk.  The idea behind the babymoon is to give expecting parents one last opportunity to get away before the baby is born, because it will most likely be a while before they have another chance to take a vacation.  Most OBs deem it safe for expecting mothers with healthy pregnancies to fly or travel up until their 3rd trimester and some even say it’s safe until 32 weeks.  

Being pregnant with #3, I have become a firm believer in the babymoon.  Your life is about to be sent into a tailspin and it’s nice to get away and catch your breath and get some chill time with your partner and with yourself.  I’m not advocating a bucket list trip to Europe.  If that’s in the cards for you by all means go for it, but if it’s not or you want to save that trip for when you can eat raw cheese and drink wine, choose an easier closer destination.  Even a “staycation” in town at a relaxing hotel for a couple days would do! You just want a break from laundry, decorating the nursery, organizing linen closets, and obsessing over your baby name choices.  Ok you might not be able to get away from that no matter how far you travel.  Bottom line, take some time for yourself, and for your relationship with your partner, and enjoy some last minutes of silence.  Sleep in, eat when you want and where you want, read a book, and get a prenatal massage (seriously, do it), and just chill.  

This pregnancy we are lucky enough to have a wedding for a dear friend in Ojai, just a couple hours drive from LA.  I am just entering my 31st week so it’s the perfect time for us to leave the kids for a quick, quiet weekend away at a lovely resort in the mountains.

 What to pack for your babymoon:



A book or magazine that doesn’t have anything to do with parenting or childbirth.  Leave your fully worn out “What to Expect” and all 5 of your guides on how to get your baby to sleep on your nightstand.  Find a good beach read or if you don’t have enough time away for a full novel stock up on trashy gossip magazines or fashion magazines so you can make plans for your post baby wardrobe.  Clear your head and enjoy a few minutes of non baby related thoughts!

Cute PJs.  Trust me, once that baby is born you will be reaching for those mesh hospital underwear or very large granny panties for much longer than you anticipate!  Find something cute and flattering that makes you feel pretty.  I did not choose the uncomfortable sexy lingerie option and instead turned to my favorite Plum Pretty Sugar for a gorgeous robe that I know will also be a staple in my daily wardrobe after the baby is born.

Swimsuit.  If you are lucky enough to get away during the summer or to a place with an indoor pool don’t miss out on swimming!  I know it seems that putting on a swimsuit in public when you are 8 months pregnant is parallel to your worst nightmare, but when you are nearing the end it feels really nice to float in water and let gravity help you hold up your belly (and your boobs!).  Just remember not to fully submerge into a hot tub or your body temperature could rise and be harmful to the baby.  

Your favorite belly oil.   I’m in love with Zoe Organics belly oil.  I swear it’s like liquid gold.  My skin is soft and smooth with no itching and no stretch marks in site.  And trust me, my belly (and hips and thighs) are already pretty stretched out!    

Comfortable shoes.  As your body grows so might your feet.  Those cute strappy heels you’ve been rocking earlier in your pregnancy may not feel so great after a couple days of traveling, especially if you are flying.  I’ve turned to my Birkenstocks many times over the last couple weeks and I don’t forsee going back anytime soon.  We will have a couple fancy outings during our weekend so a chose my favorite platform heels to try, but also included flat sandals with loose adjustable straps to account for any swelling or growing that could easily happen after a couple hours in the car.

Prenatal vitamins.  An easy item to overlook but important to bring!  Especially if you are traveling to another country, you may find it difficult to track down one you like that meets your needs.  

Medical records.  If you are traveling late in your third trimester it would be helpful to carry a copy of your medical records and a note from your Dr giving you clearance to fly.  This is obviously to prepare for worst case scenarios, but it’s always a nice to have on hand in case of emergency.  

Camera.  Or phone.  Something to document this part of your journey into motherhood.  Seriously, one day you will miss that giant belly!  

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