A Couple of LA Kids in Minnesota

Since Alex and I met working in the film Industry, and he still works as a film producer, we have basically raised the white flag and admitted that we are locked into living in Los Angeles for the foreseeable future.  Which also means raising our kids in Los Angeles.  After growing up in a small town in Minnesota, I have many mixed emotions about this.  I am grateful we are living in 90% sunshine and will never have a morning where we have to heat up our car for 10 minutes before we leave the house.  But I do get sad that my parents, siblings, nieces, and cousins all live here within a few miles of each other.  We miss weekly Sunday dinners with my parents and are disappointed that our kids won’t get to see their grandparents and cousins every day like I did growing up.  Our current compromise is that we fly here as often as we can for the big stuff, birthdays, holidays and also spend as much time here as we can in the summer.  Rather than doing camps and activities in Los Angeles, we do them in Minnesota.  And Alex flies in for long weekends whenever he can.  Luckily, I have an amazingly welcoming sister and brother in law who open their home to me and my crazy children.  So we spend time between their house in a charming little town called New Ulm (which Adam calls “new home” because when he was little it was my sister’s new home), my parents’ house in Mankato where I grew up, and our lake house a few miles away.  It’s been so great for Adam and Lake to wake up every morning with their cousins (who are the same age as them and just as crazy) and plan fun activities.  So we spend our days at local parks, lakes, farms, water parks, and our favorite pizza place with frequent visits from our cousins, uncles and grandparents.  Life seems just a little bit easier to navigate in a small town, and it’s been nice for me to have time together with these two kiddos before our life explodes this fall with another baby sister.





















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