Honest Company Sunscreen Warning

HonestSunscreenThis is a PSA for anyone out there who are The Honest Company sunscreen users.  I’ve been a huge fan since last year, especially since they scored so well on the EWG’s sunscreen guide, where surprisingly, a lot of baby company sunscreens failed.  I have always appreciated The Honest Company and their non toxic, easily accessible products, especially for the kiddos.  At the beginning of this year, Honest came out with a new formula of their famous sunscreen.  Last year there were complaints about it being too greasy and leaving skin looking too white.  So they changed the formula and the packaging.  All fine and dandy, until this summer when my sister used the new formula on a hot sunny day on her beautiful lily white skinned toddlers, and their faces ended up looking like lobsters.  She applied it exactly as directed, every hour.  And their faces were completely sunburned.  Luckily they were wearing rash guards, and she had used a different sunscreen on their legs, so the rest of their body was fine.  After she realized what had happened, she started doing some online research.  Not surprisingly, she found a stack of reviews all over the internet that claimed the same thing was happening with other kids.  And all of the people that were having issues bought their bottles at Costco (one of The Honest Company’s first and largest retailers).  We spoke with a few other people having the same issue, one being her pediatrician, and everyone said it was the new formula, and it was purchased at Costco.  So she called the company to let them know what was happening and the customer service representative said they have gotten a number of similar calls but only from bottles purchased at Costco.  He said everything was produced and packaged the same way, so the only explanation could be how Costco delivers or stores their products.  He offered to send her a new bottle of a different type of sunscreen plus a sunscreen stick at no cost, which was very kind, but we were hoping he would say they were planning to pull the sunscreen from the Costco shelves or at least warn the public of possible issues.  So this is my warning!   If you have the old formula, you should be totally safe.  And you can still purchase the old formula in some stores (the company reassured us that it’s not actually “old” or expired).  I would definitely not purchase any of them at Costco until they sort out these issues.  Here is EWG’s guide to the best non-toxic sunscreens if you are looking for another alternative.  I’ve been using California Baby and and the Babyganics cream (not the spray) this summer and have loved both.




  1. Livia H says:

    Oh man! That sucks! I’m a huge fan of Honest Company products, but I can’t risk my kiddos skin over it. I’ll probably never use their sunscreens after reading this, just to be safe. Thanks for the heads up!

    • younglovestory says:

      Livia I agree! I have switched to some of the other natural sunscreens on the EWG list like Badger, California Baby, Vanicream, and Babyganics. I’ve had great success with each of these this summer!

  2. Karyn Thompson says:

    i have had the same issue with Honest sunscreen purchased at Costco. Wonder if I can take it back? My daughter and I both got terrible sunburns the day before we left on vacation. Not cool!

    • younglovestory says:

      Hi Karyn! You should definitely try to take them back, and call Honest directly as well. They are definitely under public fire as word has spread about the ineffectiveness of this new formula! Good luck!

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