Month: May 2015

Strawberry Fields

It’s strawberry season!  So today we decided to go pick our own strawberries and vegetables at Underwood Family Farms.  It was a beautiful sunny day in the fields and the kids had so much fun getting their hands dirty and finding the perfect sweet, red strawberries.  And Lake’s face when I told her she could actually eat the strawberries was priceless.  After hitting up a few rides and spending time in their giant sandbox, we grabbed a few more veggies from the fresh produce stand and called it a day.   It’s so easy to let your Sundays fade away into cleaning and running errands, and I’m so glad that today we took the time to set a few things aside and find a new family adventure.  Although that means I will have a million more things to do come Monday morning!

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Big *Little* News!


Yes!!  Baby number 3 is on the way!  Due October 16th and we all couldn’t be happier.  Well, except Lake, she has no idea what’s happening.  But she was super excited to play with big balloons for this little announcement photo.  Which we took with the self timer on my camera.  And if you were thinking that sounds impossible, it was.  Here are some funny outtakes from the shoot, in between me running back and forth to the camera with a giant balloon in my hands.

DSC_3791 DSC_3790 DSC_3787 DSC_3784