The Cutest Board Book You’ve Never Seen Before


We have lots and lots of board books (hundreds), but our all time favorites will always be our personalized board books from Pint Sized Productions.  You customize your book on their website where you can upload photos and add captions.  We just made one for Lake and it is always the first book she grabs.  Adam has had his since he was 1 also, and it still remains a staple in his daily rotation.   Our two books are about our extended family, complete with photos and stories about each grandparent, cousin, aunt and uncle.  Having our families thousands of miles away has been hard in so many ways, but now we know we will talk every day with the kids about how important our family is to us and how many people love them.  Lake goes through each page with a huge smile on her face as she points to each person and says their names (Mimi!  Papa!  Titi!  NoNo!)  The pages are just like a standard board book and durable enough to stand up to destructive, teething toddlers.  I think it would be so fun to make one with photos from their birthday party each year, or a family vacation.  No matter what you create your toddlers will love to open their book and see familiar faces!

Customized board books start at $24.95











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