in 1996 a boy I had a crush on made me listen to a band called Dave Matthews Band. it was in some sort of cool muscle car that I would never be able to name, but that’s what boys drove in my high school if they didn’t drive a red pickup truck. little did I know at the time, when I bought the CD at the mall the next day, it would be the beginning of a 15+ year sibling obsession in our family. my first dave concert was at Alpine Valley in the summer after my freshman year of college. the next year my little brother who just graduated from high school came with me. each and every summer no matter what was going on or where we were we would go. and as our younger sister and brother became old enough we would take them too. before long it included cousins, friends, boyfriends, then husbands and wives. when I moved to LA they would come visit me for California concerts. as luck would have it my new brother in law was a huge fan also, and rivaled the number of concerts we had all been to. so he started joining us as well. the last time I joined them all in alpine valley i was 3 months pregnant with adam and my sister was 8 months pregnant with amelia. it was true dedication. this year, thanks to some convincing from my brother, all the siblings are here for the last concert of the tour in Irvine. so tonight we will carry on the sibling tradition. all of us together listening to our favorite band.

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