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i love everything about the mission behind the honest company.  and  i love to support affordable, accessible, natural products for our home.  the honest company has come so far so quickly.  i remember when adam was a baby they were just getting started and the products were hard to come by.  they seemed overly expensive due to shipping costs and distribution was too slow to provide for a new mother in need of supplies.  now, they are everywhere from target, nordstroms, amazon, and my neighborhood gelsons.  for the most part, their prices are on point with other natural brands (if not cheaper) and there are a few products that we couldn’t live without in our house.  that being said, there are also some products that haven’t worked as well for us.  so here is my list of honest products that we love and others we hope they improve soon.

honest products we couldn’t love more:


the stain remover is my absolute favorite, could not live without, send to every new mama, honest company product.  it removes everything from breast milk to spaghetti sauce.  the price is unbeatable and there is nothing that this stuff can’t tackle!  plus it smells great and the bottle seems to last forever despite the fact that i use it every. single. day.



we’ve used the honest company shampoo + body wash exclusively for both kids since lake was a newborn.  it’s lovely.



we love the honest swim diapers and their adorable patterns.  they wash nicely and most experts agree that reusable swim diapers are more successful in holding in anything you don’t want getting all over the pool.  plus with the high price of disposable swim diapers you actually save money by using these cuties.



we’ve tried every type of toddler toothpaste on the market and adam has very clear favorites.  honest toddler toothpaste is the clear winner for him and me.  he loves the taste and i love that it is all natural has no sweeteners, artificial flavors or dyes.



we have pretty sensitive skin around our house, so i’ve always been very picky about our laundry detergent.  the honest laundry detergent is chemical free, rinses clean, and actually cleans clothes really well.  i bought it when i washed lake’s newborn clothes for the first time.  which is basically my favorite thing to do in life.



you’ve all seen adam’s curls.  they aren’t easy to manage.  the honest conditioning detangler works wonders.  and smells great.


On to my not so favorite products:



the honest dishwasher gel is the worst culprit of all.  i totally support natural cleaning products, especially when it comes to washing your dishes.  but this dishwasher gel simply doesn’t work.  when we moved into our new house and washed dishes for the first time we both proclaimed how terrible our new dishwasher was, until we realized that we had recently switched to the honest dishwasher gel.  when we switched back to our regular dishwasher soap our dishes were sparkly clean.

Diapersi’m sorry.  i really want to use and love the honest company diapers.  the patterns!  the plant based layers!  i’ve tried them on numerous occasions and i just don’t think they are as soft as my favorite pampers swaddlers.  apparently they soften as babies wear them but the pampers just seem more comfortable.  alas, i am stuck with big bird.



i’ve used this all spring and summer and want to love it, but it’s just very greasy.  i prefer california baby super sensitive or vanicream spf 30.  that being said, it is very effective and has no chemicals so it’s safe to use on babies under 6 months.  it’s a nice option, the others just blend easier and feel more comfortable on your skin.  the honest company recently released a spray sunscreen that i am tempted to try for myself, but i think it’s best to keep spray sunscreens away from the little ones.

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  1. Amy says:

    When I saw this in your Facebook. I just had to read it. And come to find out I totally agree with everything you wrote. I want to love the diapers too. But the Velcro doesn’t stick to close them for my kids. I was so bummbed. And I also really love the all surface cleaner. Another one of my favorite. Smells so yummy too 🙂

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