Month: July 2014

super helpful app

you’re quickly scrolling through your Instagram feed while the kids are (momentarily) playing nicely together on the floor, a preview for an interesting blog post pops up, you click on it knowing you will barely get past the “open safari” prompt before someone needs milk or help going potty. but really truly you wanted to read that article about the best lipstick colors for fall! enter my favorite app – pocket. you basically put any web page that you want to read later in your “pocket” and tag them to keep them organized. later in the day in the 20 minutes after the kids are asleep before you crash you can go back to your list. once you read an article you tap the checkmark and it disappears. so simple!


summer 2014 sales series – moms

the same thing happens every morning.  10 minutes behind schedule (ALWAYS), trying to get the kids fed, dressed, lunches made, out the door, buckled into carseats.  somewhere in that time you try to find 30 seconds to make yourself look somewhat presentable.  more times than not i am faced with too many clothes but absolutely nothing i want to wear.  my go to is always jeans and a striped tshirt or denim shirt (of which i have way too many).  here are some of my favorite summer clearance items that will take you well into the school year!



1.  j crew boyfriend fatigue jacket always a go-to jacket for any season  2.  j crew classic chambray popover because really you can never have too many  3. zara faux leather sleeve dress perfect for a dinner date or a cocktail party  4.  banana republic braided gold belt a simple way to make your sloppy tshirt and wrinkled jeans look put together  5. zara cropped black sweater great over a tshirt during the day or on it’s own for date night  6. madewell transport tote in navy i carry this tote every day – it carries diapers, toys, puffs, an ipad, your makeup bag and anything else you need to survive the day  7.  j crew cardigan basic, easy, flattering  8.  crystal mason ring by grace atwood for baublebar i know, this isn’t on sale but it’s a fabulous ring that sold out within days.  they are doing a presale for september when they restock and i wanted to make everyone aware!  9. rag & bone kinsey boot because no one does booties better than rag & bone and this price is unbeatable  10.  old navy striped hoodie because when you buy those rag & bone booties the rest of your wardrobe will have to come from old navy.  and also you can never go wrong with a striped hoodie  11. intermix rag & bone leather patch repair skinny jean these will make any outfit look awesome

summer 2014 sale series – toddler boy

we all know i love a good deal.  it’s in my genes.  i eagerly wait for MONTHS for those emails to pop up in my inbox…EXTRA 40% OFF SALE.  no, this is not just “on sale” as my husband (or his mother) might say.  this is extra percentage off sale.  get rid of all this stuff because we never want to see it again sale.  really the only way to shop.  the downside is that usually the sale items are almost out of season.  no one wants to buy more white dresses in the middle of july.  obviously.  but if you really look closely you can find some seriously discounted gems that can carry you into the next season.  (especially in southern california where “season” is a strong word).  without further ado…i give you my summer sale series.  these are great pieces that can work now but also be perfect for back to school and well into the southern california fall.   watch out for the next installments for moms, dads, and baby girls in the coming days.

Mood Board Boy

1. crewcuts striped sweatshirt because who doesn’t love a little boy in stripes?  2. crewcuts slim slouchy sweatpants play and play all day  3. old navy striped crew loving the black and white trend for fall  4. old navy hoodie wish they had a matching one for me  5. converse no tie sneakers my uncoordinated toddler won’t know how to tie shoes for many many years  6.  h&m plaid cotton shirt  “fancy shirts”  7.  zara cardigan with elbow patches cant. handle. elbow patches.


sam is one

it’s hard to believe that this little nugget…


is already one!

joanna and brent have breezed through their first year with love, patience, and grace.  joanna is a bridesmaid fashion designer running her own business and brent is a film and television talent agent.  it’s hard to imagine a busier household.  and yet, they have found a way to stop time for this adorable little boy.  parenthood clearly suits them.  for this shoot we pulled out all of his favorites – round fruit, bubbles, his car, red slide, and of course his nununubaby pants!  you are loved sammy!

DSC_2702DSC_3011  DSC_2805 DSC_2809 DSC_2816 DSC_2903 DSC_2923 DSC_2942  DSC_3045 DSC_3087-2 DSC_3103 DSC_3143 DSC_3146 DSC_3186






my parents gave me both.  the very best of both.  right now i am spending time in mankato focusing on my roots.  i feel it is a gift i can give to my children.  nothing is more important here than family and i want them to soak up every minute of it.