plastic is bad

BPA free, of course we all know now that we can’t use anything that isn’t BPA free.  especially for our kiddos.  but i’ve continued to be unnerved by all the OTHER chemicals in plastic.  if we are just now finding out about all the terrible things BPA can do to young bodies, what are we going to find next?  i may have made myself a bit crazy, buying stainless steel containers rather than plastic for adam’s lunchbox (found here), glass bottles for lake (added bonus they conduct heat faster when you need to warm the milk), and glass containers for lake’s baby food (my favorites here) and our family food stored at home.  i’m sure this is one of many articles/studies about the problems that still exist with plastic baby items, it’s very infuriating that this is still an issue.  but until we find a safer way it seems best to choose a healthier alternative whenever possible!

Danger Lurking in BPA Free Bottles and Sippy Cups